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My name is Christopher Tague RD, LDN, NSCA - CPT, I am a Registered Dietitian licensed in the State of Pennsylvania and a Certified Personal Trainer. I was born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania and when I turned 4 years old my parents and two older brothers then moved to Aston, Pennsylvania where I grew up. I currently reside in West Chester, Pennsylvania where the business and private studio are located.

As long as I can remember, I have always been interested in health and fitness. I enjoyed playing sports growing up, whether it was on an organized team, with my brothers or just with the neighborhood kids. In the Fall of 1986, I was playing college basketball and wanted to improve my game. I became friends with a professional powerlifter during my Freshman year. To improve every facet of my game, I turned to him to gain strength and muscle for the upcoming season. He trained and taught me every component of strength training I could imagine. Thanks to his guidance I went on to play and start for four years. Since then, weightlifting became a part of my lifestyle. At the same time my curiosity regarding nutrition and how it plays a major role in improving my fitness level was developing.

After school I was unsure of a profession but I knew one thing. I wanted to help people. As corny as it sounds, that's exactly how I felt and still do feel. I wasn't sure how but in some capacity such as physical therapy, law enforcement, teaching or personal training and nutrition.

After 14 years working in the corporate world for a Fortune 500 company I enrolled in West Chester University to obtain my degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and began my personal training business. This provided my family and I the flexibility of attending class and training clients. This interest in health and fitness has led me to combine both disciplines and begin a new career in nutrition and fitness. I currently have my fitness certifications with National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) both of which exemplify the professional, realistic, and medically informed attainment of personal fitness education. To maintain my certifications one must take continuing education requirements every year. Did you know that only 50% of certified trainers will even bother to renew their certifications? This knowledge gets translated directly to my clients, giving them access to cutting edge exercise and medical practices. I have recently become certified as a Youth Fitness Trainer (YFT), which is a unique population, so I look forward to working with children, adolescents and teenagers. Many young people participate in competitive athletics and can benefit from the services of a personal trainer and dietitian. I can educate them on anatomy, exercise physiology, training and sports nutrition.

Today three quarters of the United States population is either overweight or obese. In fact, one-quarter of the American children are overweight or obese. As a nation, despite our present day knowledge of health and fitness, we are still heavier and unhealthier than we have ever been before and any other country in the world. Today's overweight children will be overweight adults 10 to 20 years from now, and they will have the same health problems and related issues that an overweight adult in today's society has.

As a fitness professional, the learning never stops, this is an industry that one needs to be researching constantly due to new medical advances and on-going research.

The foundation of this business is to help people and guide them into a fitness lifestyle. To educate people about exercise and nutrition and steer them away from fad diets and unhealthy approaches to fitness. Thus my tag line "No fads - Just Fitness" is appropriate to our concept of how a healthly lifestyle should be. Take care of yourself and your friends and family will thank you for it. You may also be able to educate them on this philosophy and pass on something to the people you care about.

I graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and then completed my Dietetic Internship with Sodexo Health Care Services. This type of dedication is an acknowledgement that I am truly committed to my clients and want to help them reach their wellness goals. This well-rounded education will make a solid foundation on both sides of the equation - training and nutrition. There are many personal trainers out there that cannot provide their clients with both strength training programs and a nutritionally sound diet. Proper nutrition is essential to achieving your health goals and objectives. Eating properly improves muscular strength, endurance and recovery from workouts. Remember that each individual has different nutritional needs. To achieve your goals you really need both concepts in place.

Staying healthy and fit has made my life more complete. I look forward to teaching others what I have learned and experienced. You can reach your goals and improve your life by making health and fitness a part of your lifestyle.


  Mission and Purpose  


The purpose of Tague Training & Nutrition, LLC is to guide individuals into a healthier lifestyle, while educating people about strength conditioning, proper nutrition and also steer them away from the unhealthy approaches to fad diets and fad commercial equipment.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or magic supplement that can give you fast results. The proper diet & exercise program are the only two winning combinations. My preference is to teach a "No Fads ~ Just Fitness" approach designed to correspond with your individual goals.

My logo of the two arrows displaying SENERGY of utilizing both Nutrition & Training will provide results. By living a healthy fitness lifestyle, you can feel better and live longer. Take care of yourself and your family and friends will thank you for it.

Don't take your health for have to work for it just like anything else.


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