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Why Choose a Personal Trainer Instead of a Local Gym?

  Are you getting the most out of your time at the Gym?
Why work with a Personal Trainer?
Why you should choose Tague Personal Training?

Here are a few brief reasons:

  • One-on-one training
  • An effective & efficient workout
  • An extensive consultation & fitness evaluation
  • No expensive gym rates or annual fees
  • Private studio setting
  • In-house training available
  • No waiting for equipment
  • Personalized programs to assist in your fitness goals and objectives
  • Complete distractions
  • A time that fits your schedule
  • No intimidation factor that can be experienced in a gym or facility
  • The location that suits your needs and environment you are comfortable with
  • No "one size fits all" or canned programs
  • Discount packages and gift certificates available
  • With a personal trainer you will keep appointments not cancel them

When you hire a personal trainer you are not just purchasing their knowledge on lifting technique but also their education, experience and expertise with a program development. In addition, Personal Trainers are continuously re-educating themselves to make sure they stay current with fitness programs, exercises, and techniques.

There is much confusion regarding exercise and nutrition with many media outlets constantly giving information about fat-loss, fad diets, nutrition and workout techniques. All the tib bits of information, news clips, and one liners are difficult to understand, plus most of the information is contradictive.

A personal trainer, will help you with the proper form of the exercise movements and techniques you are performing. They will also help you with range of motion, appropriate weight and intensity necessary to achieve the results you want without hurting yourself. Proper nutritional components to fuel your body's needs are important in order to progress toward your goals.

A personal trainer should conduct an initial fitness assessment by gathering your lifestyle history and listening to what you want to accomplish. Your trainer will then create a personalized fitness program custom tailored around your specific needs and goals. It will depend on the current physical status of each client as to how fast they progress and achieve their goals.

Once your program is created, your trainer will explain methods, principles and reasoning behind every aspect of your program's design and execution.

The trainer will monitor your improvements and fine-tune your program as needed by making the necessary adjustments in order to help you advance to the next level. I keep copious notes regarding every facet of training on each individual.

A personal trainer can take a close look at what you are doing in your current program and offer you a fresh perspective based on their professional knowledge of the most current health and fitness advancements.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase lean body mass, or simply improve your health, hiring a personal trainer is the quickest and safest way to put you on track to a slimmer, stronger, healthier and more energetic you!

A personal trainer can also…

  • Provide an initial fitness assessment
  • Help you set safe and realistic goals
  • Help keep you consistent and accountable to your workout goals
  • Create an enjoyable exercise environment
  • Help you to prevent risk of injury
  • Educate you on proper form and technique
  • Motivate you to challenge yourself at every workout session for maximum results
  • Help you maintain your mental focus
  • Teach you proper stretching techniques to improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Show you how to warm up and cool down
  • Ensure you achieve and maintain proper workout intensity target heart rate
  • Assist you with exercise recovery
  • Keep you up to date on the latest fitness trends, programs and exercises
  • Adjust and update your program as needed.

Please contact me if you'd like to make a commitment to an exercise program, I'll help you get started and will assist you with every step of the way to reach your goals. I take a common sense approach to fitness while incorporating current fitness trends. You will have fun but work hard at each and every session.

As you can see, training with Tague Training & Nutrition has many advantages over working out at a local fitness facility.
If you want more details about any of our programs, or have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 610-399-4517, or email


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