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How to Choose a Personal Trainer?


To make sure your personal trainer is qualified, it is recommended that you ask about his or her certification and the training required to achieve it. Some warning signs of an unqualified trainer occurs at the first session, where a trainer does no evaluation or doesn't ask about pre-existing conditions or if a trainer ever walks away or doesn't give you his or her full attention and seems preoccupied.

Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer, the reason is because the term personal trainer has no more legal meaning than the terms personal chef or personal shopper. Theoretically, there are no requirements or skills essential to becoming a personal trainer other than the ability to print up business cards or advertise in the local penny saver. So who can you trust with your body and your health?

Certification is one of the few generally accepted personal training qualifications. But with more than 300 personal trainer certifications being offered, it requires a certain amount of savvy to decipher what's relevant and what's not worth the paper its written on. Use this information along with the person's background, education, personality and work experience to make an informed decision regarding your personal trainer's certification credentials.

Besides credentials a personal trainer needs experience in the "trenches" if you will. Experience in a gym and knowing your trade is as valuable as the certification.


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